Repairing a water tube embedded inside the freezer door foam insulation of a GE refrigerator

One of the most costly and aggravating repairs that you may run into in your GE Arctica or Profile refrigerator is a leaking water line inside the freezer door. This waterline is a plastic tube that is foamed in place inside the door. The tube may split or crack or in some other way become damaged and start leaking, leaving a puddle of water underneath the door. At this point, you have two choices:

1. Replace the entire door at a cost exceeding $200, or

2. Implement the repair procedure illustrated in this fine pictorial essay prepared by Sublime Master for a cost of about $20.

Let’s watch with amazement as the Sublime Master reveals this arcane and esoteric technique to us for the first time ever on the Internet.

GE Refrigerator Door Water Tube Repair

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