Frigidaire (and some Kenmore models) front load washer throws an E43 error code

These hard-won service tips from the field apply to the Frigidaire Affinity front loading washer and to Kenmore front loaders with a model number prefix of 417. Loose connections and pinched wires are common causes for this problem. Here are the top four things to check gleaned from actual hand-to-hand combat with these washers:

1. Check all the connections on your speed control board (inside the cabinet, mounted to one side, has wires going to the motor), the one connector with the small wires has no locking tab and likes to come loose.

2. Try unplugging the wires to the motor and plugging them back in.

3. There is a wiring harness to the speed control board that gets pinched by the tub going off balance; it’s the one with the thin wires, when looking through the back panel. Look for where the tub would hit the speed board and right between there is where the friggineers routed the smallest wires in the machine. CAUTION: the edge around that opening is as sharp as a razor! I suggest placing black tape all around the edge on that side.

4. Broken pump wires, of all weird things, have been known to cause this error. May be accompanied by one of the errors above.

If all that checks out and no joy, then my rule of thumb for Friggidaires applies: if the error code is in the 40′s, replace the door latch assembly.

Door lock assembly for a frigidaire affinity front loading washer-- click it to git it, Hoss.

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  1. dsriver

    Kenmore 417.44152400, which is a Frigidaire front load washer. Replaced the door latch assembly with success in fixing the code E43. Washer went through the cycle and would not spin. Every post I read said it was probably this part. Leap of Faith and $75 later I fixed it. Easy to get access to the latch assemby. Unplug.>>> Take off the top of washer, two screws in the back holding top on, then slide it back to take top off. Then take the two screws out of the latch assembly, reach your hand down and you should be able to pull the latch assembly up top. Take off the three connectors and put new one in. Should be good to go. Good Luck.

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