Deciphering the flashing error code lights on the control panel of a Frigidaire Affinity (and some Kenmores) front load washer

This excursion into appliance repair error code cryptology applies to the Frigidaire-built “Affinity” line of front loading washers and Kenmore models with the 417 prefix in the model number (such as 417.48102701).

You turn on the washer by pressing the POWER button and the START light is flashing repeatedly telling you that there is an error condition. Now you have to put the washer into diagnostic mode to get the error code.

To get into diagnostic mode, press and hold both the START and POWER buttons at the same time until the lights go out and come back on, just takes a few seconds. The panel will immediately start flashing the error code. Again, both the START and STATUS lights will begin flashing at the same time, showing you the error code.

Deciphering these error codes can be confusing even for seasoned appliance repair warriors. But this little post should clear up the confusion for you.

Let’s start with the instructions from Le Manual:

The STATUS indicator lights will flash the number of times for the first digit of the code and the START indicator light will flash the number of times for the second digit. The code is obtained by counting the number of times the lights flash.

Now, two key things to keep in mind when deciphering the code:

1. The START light is not one of the STATUS lights; they are two different things. The START light is a single light above the diamond-shaped START button and the STATUS lights are the column of five lights to the right of the START light and above the round POWER button. Even though the STATUS lights are on the right-hand side, it flashes the first digit of the error code so you have to switch ’em in your head after you do the flash count.

2. When the machine displays the error codes, the START and STATUS lights will begin flashing the code at the same time, not independently.

Okay, ready for a pop quiz? See if you can figure out what error code is being flashed in this video. The video begins with the machine off. When it’s turned on, the START light is blinking continusly indicating and error condition and then the washer is put into diagnostic mode, as explained above, and the error code is flashed. The process is then repeated.

Think you got it? The correct answer is on the back of your computer monitor. Just kidding! The correct answer is error code 43: The STATUS lights are blinking four times and the START light is blinking three times.

Awwite, go fix that washer!

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