Dryer repeatedly blowing thermal fuses? Here are some things to check.

The number one cause for this is poor dryer venting. We professional appliantologists are always telling people this but they never believe us. As Sublime Master kdog so wisely observed, “We get to explain poor dryer venting situations to non-believing consumers on a daily basis.” http://applianceguru.com/forum2/27937-2.html#ixzz12xe1tMnD

I’ve got a dozen or so posts on this site dealing with dryer venting problems and explaining why proper venting is Numero Uno importanté for your dryer to run properly. Come check ’em out.

If your dryer vent exhaust looks like this, don’t be surprised if that thermal fuse keeps blowing over and over again…

Clogged dryer vent exhaust
(click to enlarge)

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