Maytag dishwasher MDBH955AWB: He’s dead, Jim

Just like Dr. McCoy said, your Maytag dishwasher model MDBH-something is dead, no lights, no beeps, no nuttin’. Two ways to handle this’n, Hoss:

1. You could tear apart the dishwasher and slog through the incomplete information in the tech sheet and wiring diagram, making measurements and tests with your meter and maybe identify the problem or

2. Sit at the feet of the wise and battle-hardened Master and allow him to take your hand and lead you directly to the problem.

Your call.

If you chose option 1, you can stop reading now.

If you chose option 2, here are some pearls from Sublime Master Appliantologist Willie that will lead you to Appliance Nirvana™:

The most likely problem is the touchpad/console assembly hardly ever see the control board go bad on these models. I see an unreasonable number of touchpads going bad though.

Order the touchpad/console from RepairClinic and if it doesn’t fix your problem, (It will), then return the part, or order both the touchpad and controller and install only the touch pad and return the control board when you find out that you don’t need it.

Touchpad/console assembly:

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