How to remove the bake element in a Kitchenaid KEMC308KSSO electric range

Download these parts list and breakdown diagrams then open your Appliantology hymnal and sing along:


a) Remove the right side panel (see below for the procedure).
b) Spread the insulation away from the front of the hidden bake element.
c) Disconnect the two wire connectors from the hidden bake element terminals.
d) Remove the element shield screw from the right end of the shield.
e) Pull the hidden bake element and its shield to the right and unhook the left and right tabs.
f) Remove the hidden bake element from the unit, and place it on a work surface.
g) Remove the two bracket screws, and remove the shield from the element.


1. Unplug range or disconnect power.
2. Pull the range away from the wall so that you can access the rear of the unit.
3. Remove the oven door and set it aside (see below for the procedure).
4. Pull the storage drawer out as far as it will go.
5. Remove the two rear screws from the side panel
6. From the rear of the unit, reach inside and remove the screw from the bottom of the side panel.
7. Slide the side panel forward and unhook the front edge, then tilt the top of the side panel out,
and lift the panel from the unit.

NOTE: When reinstalling the side panel, set the bottom edge on the rail,
hook the front edge at the top and bottom, and install the two rear screws;
then install the bottom screw from inside the rear of the unit.


1. To remove the oven door, open the door to its first stop.
2. Grasp the sides of the door, lift it slightly, and pull the door forward
until the hinge hangers are partially out of the slots in the chassis.
Do not completely remove the hinge hangers from the slots,
since there will be spring tension on them.

3. Reposition the angle of the door to its vertical position to remove the spring tension
on the hinge hangers, then pull the hangers the rest of the way out of the chassis slots.

To reinstall the oven door:

1. Grasp the sides of the door and insert the hinge hangers into the hinge slots.
Lift the door slightly and push in at the bottom until the hangers are fully installed in the unit.

NOTE: If the hinge hangers are not seated properly, the door will not close tightly and may be off-center.
To seat the hinge hangers, keep the door vertical, then lift it slightly, and push in on the bottom
until the hangers are fully seated.

2. Open and close the oven door to make sure that it operates and seals properly.

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