Big changes are coming to the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums!

It’s a triple header: we’re changing server, forum software, and domain name.

The fun all starts Monday morning, November 22. I’ll put the forum into maintenance mode so instead of seeing the forums, you’ll see a warm and heartfelt message from yours ever so truly.

The forum database will be converted to run on the new forum software. We’re currently running UltraBB forum software but are converting it run on Invision Power Board. There are lots of technical reasons for doing this but they all boil down to, “it’s more better-er.” If you’re interested, you can check out the IPB forum to get an idea of the “look and feel” of the new forum==>

The new forum will have a different domain name, too: I’m still setting things up so there’s not much to see. Don’t bother registering there because it’s all going to get overwritten by the database conversion on Monday. Your account and user information at will be included in the conversion to the new forum at You will probably have to set up a new password but that should all be a simple and self-explanatory process.

With any conversion there are glitches and I’m expecting there to be some with this one, too. The new forum probably won’t be open until late Monday and maybe even into Tuesday. I’m not exactly sure at this point what to expect but I’ll be posting updates on my Twitter page, follow me on Twitter or check in with my Twitter page to keep up with what’s going on==>

So, what’s going to happen with Great question, thanks for asking! will remain an UltraBB forum but will become an archive, read-only forum. Additionally, I’m moving it to a different server. So when reopens after Monday morning, it’ll be read-only and on a whole different server.

Why didn’t I just make the new forum Because has lots of links from search engines and already pointing to various topics in the forum. Those links would have a different structure under Invision Board and so they would become broken links. Das bad, das reeeal bad. And besides, I had this cool domain name,, that I’ve been itching to use. 😉


2 thoughts on “Big changes are coming to the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums!

  1. DLanders

    I love the name as well! Why be normal when there are so many opportunities to be, ah, shall we say “special”. You, Samarai Man are exceptionally “special”. Thank you! BTW I drank a beer in your honor yesterday. Well, not really but I will soon!

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