Understanding Spin Sense in Older LG front load washers

On some older LG front loading washing machines, you’ll see a button called “Spin Sense.” The instructions on the panel say to press and hold for three seconds to activate. When you do, you’ll hear a chime but the machine seems to run the same way and you can’t even tell if the feature is working. Wassup w’dat “Spin Sense” bidness?

Sublime Master john63 from the Samurai School of Appliantology enlightens us with some background information on the Spin Sense™ technology:

SPIN SENSE is an older LG washer option.

Before the introduction of LGs “True Balance” technology (balance ring & inertia sensor)–the SPIN SENSE option was available.

For reasons that I’ve never been able to find—all LG washers were shipped from the factory with the SPIN SENSE option “disabled”.

To “enable” SPIN SENSE—Power on the washer. Select any cycle. Press the Start Button. Wait for the door to lock–single “click” sound. Press & hold a selector button (which indicates spin sense) for 3 to 6 seconds.

The SPIN SPEED indicator light will blink “on” & “off”. If the SPIN SPEED indicator does NOT blink at all—SPIN SENSE is not active (disabled).

Once SPIN SENSE has been enabled—it will remain so permanently (SPIN SPEED indicator light always blinks after door locks). To deactivate SPIN SENSE–simply repeat the procedure used to “enable” it. The SPIN SPEED indicator will stop “blinking”.


The SPIN SENSE feature is primitive by today’s standards.

For the most part—SPIN SENSE does absolutely *nothing* unless a certain condition occurs—a violent imbalanced spin.

At which point the MAIN BOARD will slow down the spin speed by 50 RPM to reduce the severity of the imbalanced spin.

That’s all it does—nothing fancy.

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