Hall Effect sensors in LG washing machines

The LG front loading washers don’t use your typical belt and motor drive arrangement to move the wash basket. Instead, they use an ingenious, magnetic drive system consisting of an stator and a rotor; more about these in this post.

A Hall Effect sensor is used to let the control board know the position and speed of the drum rotor in these washer. in earlier versions, Hall Effect sensors were a common-fail item because, despite shelling out over a $1,000 for a top-notch washing machine, people would try to save a few pennies by not using HE detergent despite the manufacturers clear instructions to do so. Can you say, “penny wise, dollar dumb?” More about using non-HE detergents in this post. BTW, using non-HE detergents in your high-efficiency front loading washer is also a great way to help bring on early drum bearing failure.

Anyway, Sublime Master john63 in the Samurai School of Appliantology enlightens us with some background info on the Hall Effect sensors in LG washers and their design changes in response to boneheads who refuse to use HE detergent:

Older LG washers had a weaker version of the sensor.

Newer (late ’07/early ’08) LG washers have a HALL EFFECT SENSOR with a more “ROBUST” resistor.

Both different sensors have the same part number but a different color *dot* on it.

All older sensors were destroyed & should not be in any inventory.

Part of the SUDS detection software is thru the HALL EFFECT SENSOR.

Most failed/failing HALL EFFECT SENSORS will trigger an “LE” error–but not always. On occasion–the motor will *growl* or exhibit a pronounced labored-effort sound.

Incorrect type and/or amount of detergent use—destroys the older HALL EFFECT SENSORS. Newer sensors are nearly immune to the higher electrical load placed upon it (suds drags/slows tub during high-speed spin).

Here’s the part link to the latest Hall Effect sensor used in LG washing machines, notice the red dot==> http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Motor-Sensor/1268238?modelNumber=WM2032HW

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