Testing the Touchpad and Control Panel on a Maytag Neptune FAV6800/9800 Washer

Some example indications that the touchpad and control panel on your Maytag FAV6800 or FAV9800 washer may be flakey are:

1) When the panel powers up it automatically defaults to colors/jeans mode, no matter what it had been on previously.

2) The indicator lights for Superwash, Whites, and Spin are always dimly lit.

3) Normal and Superwash cannot be selected; the panel beeps multiple times when you push these buttons instead of the single beep.

4) When you push Wrinkleguard, problem 3 (above) occurs. If you push it multiple times it will select then the machine starts without hitting the start button. The remaining buttons function properly.

5) The machine may appear to wash/spin properly. There may or may not be error codes in the display.

These are just a few examples and are not meant to be an exhaustive or definitive list. Because the touchpad and control panel affect all the functions of the washer, the symptoms can vary widely. But this post will help you test the touchpad and control panel so you can confirm or eliminate it as a problem.

To begin with, you’ll need the techsheet that came with your washer. It’s cleverly hidden inside the control panel. Remove the obvious retaining screws to open the control panel and there it be, just aching for the furtive caress of your engorged and tingling eyeballs.

No gotty the techsheet because some unscrupulous scoundrel absconded it away? Fret thou not, my leetle grasshoppah, the Samurai’s got your six; here’s the pinout diagram you need:

Maytag Neptune Topload Washer FAV9800/6800 Touchpad Ribbon Test

Armed with this roadmap, you can check out all the button functions on the touchpad. What usually happens is that one of the buttons will get stuck open or closed. What you’re gonna do is test each button function to make sure the resistance at it’s ribbon pads changes when you press it.

You’ll need to set up alligator clips to attach to the ribbon pads and then to your meter probes. Here’s the rig you’ll set up to make the test:

Testing the Touch Panel in a Maytag Neptune FAV6800 Washer

Now when you press the button corresponding to the ribbon connector pins where your probes are connected (as determined from the ribbon pinout diagram I so thoughtfully provided above), you should see the resistance go from something very high, like mega-ohms or infinite to something very low, like close to zero; even a reading in the double-digit ohm (not mega-ohms or kilo-ohms!) is okay, as shown below:

Testing the Touch Panel in a Maytag Neptune FAV6800 Washer

BTW, this technique is useful for any appliance with a touchpad and ribbon connector– dryers, ovens, dishwashers, etc.– it’s part of any Master Appliantologist’s basic troubleshooting arsenal.

You may just find some crudus and gookus built up on the ribbon connector pads. You can usually clear this with a pink pencil eraser. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to replace the touchpad and control board assembly; come buy it at RepairClinic and you’ll get a 365-day return policy!

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