Accessing and removing the drain pump in a Frigidaire Affinity front load washer

Example model number: ATF7000

In most front load washers, including the older Friggidaires, you can get to the drain pump by simply removing a front panel at the bottom. But that was too easy, so in Friggidaire’s latest offering, curiously named the “Affinity,” it’s a go-around-your-elbow-to-get-to-your, uh, kneecap kind of a deal.

The most direct way to get to the drain pump in the Affinity washer is to simply tilt it back and get at it from underneath thru the access port. But if the washer is on a pedestal– increasingly popular these days– you’ll have to get to the pump from the back of the machine.

Either way, a common cause of drain problems in these washers is that the filter in the drain boot gets clogged. Clean it and you should be good to go. Sometimes, a piece of plastic or a nail or something can get lodged in the pump impeller– that’ll cause the pump to not run.

In case your pump turns out to be FUBAR, here’s the part link to come git you a new one==>

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