Things to check when troubleshooting the “tE” thermistor error code in LG washers

Example LG model number: WM2277HW but applies to many others.

Sublime Master of Appliantology john63 enumerates the dance steps in this repair for us in the Samurai School of Appliantology:

Possible causes:

1) Damaged/broken wiring at the THERMISTOR PLUG (very common)

2) Weak/Intermittent connection at the THERMISTOR PLUG (add small amount of dielectric grease to plug)

3) Weak/Intermittent connection at PLUG behind CONTROL PANEL (disconnect all plugs behind the “jog dial” add dielectric grease)

4) Failed THERMISTOR (rare)—Should be 2.5 ohms to 180 ohms (changes ohms at differing temperatures)

5) Failed HEATING ELEMENT (rare-but does occur): 10 ohms to 30 ohms

6) Failed MAIN BOARD (rare): 120 volts at HEATER connections during TEST MODE. This test can be performed at the MAIN BOARD connector for the HEATING ELEMENT

The correct MAIN BOARD should be ordered using both the MODEL *and* SERIAL NUMBERS. Several changes occurred on this model during it’s production-run.

Order the board here==>

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


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