Maintenance kit for Whirlpool / Kenmore dryers with the lint filter in the door

Okay, boys and girls, last time on the Freaky Uncle Samurai Show, I told y’all about a nifty maintenance kit for Whirlpool-Kenmore dryers with the lint filter in the top panel. But Whirlpool makes another style of dryer with the lint filter in the front panel where you open the door. This is the so-called DOTT dryer which stands for the “dryer of tomorrow, today.” No chit, boys and girls, that’s really what they call it. Ol’ Samurai may be a little freaky and smell kinda funny, but he ain’t no liar. These dryers aren’t nearly as tough and durable as the other kind with the lint filter in the top panel but I rectum that’s progress for ya.

Whirlpool makes a maintenance kit for these dryers, too. Check it out:

Drum Roller, Belt and Pulley Kit for Whirlpool-Kenmore DOTT dryer
(click it to git it, l’il chillun)

And they’s even a fixemup video for this kit, too. Grab some popcorn and let’s watch:

To learn more about your dryer, or to order parts, click here.


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