Maytag Neptune MAH6700 washer leaves fabric softener in the dispenser after a wash

Oh my, crusty skivvies!

Okay, let’s stop all this cryin’ and get scientifical on this bad boy. First, feast your peepers on the diagram below:

Maytag Neptune MAH6700 Dispenser Flow
(click to enlarge)

Valves 1 and 2 are energized together so the flow from each valve meets smack dab in the middle and flows down the center dispenser chute to the fabric softener cup. If one or the other valve do not work OR if the flow is greater out of one valve compared to the other, then the flow will not meet in the middle and be sent down the center chute. Use the tech sheet taped to the rear panel of the washer and run the diagnostic mode to power each valve and get a visual on the flows. Also, make sure the top of the dispenser above the softener cup is not clogged with softener.

If the stream does turn out to be off-center, the fix is to replace the water inlet valve, come git you one==>

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