Need a new muthaboard for your GE refrigerator? You may be able to get for FREE from GE!

So, using the expert help available both here and at the Samurai School of Appliantology, you’ve determined that the muthaboard on your GE fridge is FUBAR. A Samurai Grasshoppha, Crouching Schnauzer, has shared with me his journey through the byzantine corporate maze that is GE which resulted in his getting a new replacement muthaboard for FREE and has requested that I make this information available to you. Stand in awe and be amazed at the power of the Samurai Internet.

From Crouching Schnauzer:

Honorable Samurai was most helpful in enlightening me in the ways of defeating the cunning GE refrigerator muthaboard. I have gained much wisdom in my journey, and now ask that the Samurai would share this wisdom with other DIY warriors via his vast web presence:

After reading up on all the GE muthaboard issues, I was preparing to fork over $75-150 bucks for a new one myself. However, I took a shot with GE customer service. I have to give them credit; their poor quality product was balanced out with good customer service (at least in my case).

I called this number:
which I got from this link:

…which is actually for moisture issues on side-by-side fridges. I inquired about recall on my muthaboard, stating that I knew that were recalls on other models (even though mine was not actually an included model).

I made these points:
1) My fridge is only 3 years old
2) If I let GE come out to fix it, I’d be paying at least $200-300, which would be better spent toward a whole new unit.
3) Even the part alone from GE would cost twice as much than from another online seller.

So, after what I consider only a moderate amount of persuading, the kind folks at GE sent me a new muthaboard NO CHARGE! They let me know that I would have no warranty if I installed it myself, but I politely pointed out that I could just get another board for $100, instead of paying $200-300 for a GE service call.

I was pretty excited about this victory, and perhaps it may help others in a similar way. The part they sent was Main Board WR55X10942 (not my original part #), which seems to be the one they use for many models that need replacements.

Thank you for passing this info along!

Crouching Schnauzer

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