Understanding the water system in the LG condensing steam dryers

This is LG’s line of condensing dryers (no vent) that use steam injected into the drum during the dry cycle to prevent wrinking. Example model number is WM3431HW.

A common problem is for too much cold water to come in to the drum during the drying cycle, leaving the clothes soggy.

Sublime Master john63 in the The Samurai School of Appliantology illumines us with a basic understanding of what’s going on here:

The COLD WATER VALVE ASSY consists of (3) valves.

The valve on the right side (if facing the front of the washer) is a *Misting* Valve that sends a cold mist into the Duct Assy behind the tub. This cold mist helps to convert *steam* from the tub (during the dry cycle) back to a condensation/liquid form.

As your’re aware—this then begins to pool in the Sump Boot & Drain Pump Assy—to be periodically pumped/drained from the combo washer/dryer.

When this valve becomes faulty—too much cold water enters the Duct & Tub (wet laundry).

More info in this topic at the Samurai School of Appliantology… http://appliantology.org/topic/31016-lg-wm3431hw-dryer/

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