Mailbag: LG washing machine full of water and won’t pump out

Sue wrote:

I have an LG Washer, WM2277HW, and it sounds like the motor?? Kinda loud… and not spinning… and now filled with water in the drum because I can’t get it past the one point to drain… Got a quite from Sears to fix with a 1 year service and all parts would be included for $342. or 90 day on service no parts for $129…. not sure how much these parts will be…I bought this March 1, 2006… and no longer have any service agreement…

Now why would anyone need a Service Agreement when they have Samurai Appliance Repair Man? Why, it’s better than a frog in a blender… er, something like that.


The drain is clogged with what we professional appliantologists call “gookus.” That’s a technical term that refers to coins, nails, bra wires… anything that ain’t supposed to be there.

You’ll need to bail the drum and then access the drain pump so you can open the cleanout and clear the gookus. This purdy pitcher shows you where the drain pump cleanout is on your model:

LG WM2277H Washing Machine Layout Diagram
(click for larger view)

If it’s clear, then there could still be gookus caught in the drain pipe– a little more disassmbly involved with that job and we can help you with that in the Laundry Forum at the Samurai School of Appliantology.

It’s also not unusual for these pumps to just go bad; the motor can burn out or seize up, the impeller can shear off or become so boogared up that it can’t pump the water anymore. If that’s the case with yours, come git you a new drain pump.


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