Mailbag: How do you “unclog” a dishwasher?

Jesse wrote:

my nautilus dishwasher is clogged , what should i do, i tried putting declogger but it wotn work .help!

OMG! Are you saying you poured Drain-o in your dishwasher? If so, you likely ruined the seals and pump. Dishwashers don’t “drain,” they pump out. That means they have a pump that pumps the water out. The pump in your dishwasher may be bad or have something stuck in the impeller. Or there may be something clogged in the drain hose.

You’ll need to put on protective gloves and remove all that now-caustic, poisonous water from the basin using a sponge and bucket. Then you can go about trying to find the problem. We can help you do this in the Samurai School of Appliantology at — read the green box up top there and start a new topic in the Kitchen Forum.

And if you call a repairman, be sure to tell him that you poured a drain unclogging chemical in there so he can protect himself!

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