Mailbag: Why does my dryer shut off after running only a few minutes?

Stacy wrote:

I have a Maytag PYE2200AYW electric dryer. We had problems a few weeks ago and discovered that the blower wheel was cracked, so we replaced it (part # 31001317). Then a couple days later it just stops and won’t turn back on until it cools off. We figured it was the Thermostat and /or high limit fuse, so we replaced both of those (part # LA-1053). Thought all was well and tried a load of towels. It ran for about 20 minutes and then shut off again. Now it won’t turn back on even after it has cooled. The vents are clear, and we can’t figure out what it causing it to shut off. 
Please Help!

The motor has an internal thermal overload protector that’s tripping.  It does this when the motor overheats.  The motor overheats because it’s either drawing too much current or it’s blanketed in a layer of lint, which acts as insulation.

There’s a lot more to a proper dryer vent than just being clear.  Start by checking your dryer vent in accordance with the scriptures on this page:

Appliance Tip of the Day: The Ultimate Dryer Venting Guide

Next step is to disassemble the dryer and vacuum the lint off the motor.  If you need help disassembling your dryer, we can give you specific instructions in the Samurai School of Appliantology, just start a new topic in The Laundry Appliance Repair Forum.

If neither correcting the vent or cleaning the motor does the trick, then it means the motor itself is drawing too much current and overheating.  You’ll need to replace the motor:

Drive Motor - Part #1028915

Click image to purchase.  One year warranty on this part.


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