How to fix a broken detergent dispenser on a Bosch dishwasher

jeff wrote:

the spring in my Bosch soap dispenser is broken. Can I just replace this spring or will I need to replace the entire dispenser. I cannot seem to get the spring in the door and then close it.

Depending on what exactly is broken on the dispenser, you may just need the detergent cup latch and spring kit:

Dispenser Lever - Part #935391
(click image for larger view or to purchase)

Or you may need to replace the whole dispenser:

Detergent Dispenser - Part #1055122
(click image for larger view or to purchase)

If you need help installing it, come on over to the Samurai School of Appliantology, start a new topic in the Kitchen Appliance Forum and we’ll show you how to fix it.

To learn more about your dishwasher, or to order parts, click here.

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