How to fix a GE top-loading washer that agitates but won’t drain or spin

cindy wrote:

I have ge top load washer Model Number: wpsr3120w0ww It agitates on all cycles but does not drain or spin. What could the problem be? Thanks for you help.

This will either be a clogged or bad drain pump. Remove the front panel as illustrated below:

Removing the Front Panel on a GE Top-Loading Washer
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The pump is right there in front with the drain and and suction hoses attached to it. If there’s water in the drum, bail it out before removing the hoses or you’ll have that water all over your floor. Then remove the hoses from the pump and look for gookus inside the pump and the hoses. If found, clear it and try it again. If still no joy, replace the pump. Click the image below to get it. All good. 8)

Drain Pump and Motor - Part #908512
(click image to purchase)

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