Mailbag: Why has the ice maker in my Whirlpool Gold refrigerator stopped making ice?

Graeme wrote:

I have a Whirlpool Gold 2 Door Refrigerator with an indoor Icemaker. There was no water coming into the icemaker so I removed it to see if I coild figure out why it was not getting water and my Daughter rotated the “ice ejector” you know the thing that says “Do not rotate manually”!! SIGH!! How do I figure out how to get this back into its correct alignment and how do I figure out why there is no water coming upto the ice maker. There is water coming to the water dispenser so that means there is water coming into refrigerator. thanks for your help

Well, budrow, you’re into it for a new ice maker kit right off the bat– if it wasn’t broken before, it is now. A bad ice maker may also be the reason there’s no water getting to it. It’s the ice maker’s job to call for water.

The water inlet valve on your fridge is a dual coil valve: one side for the ice maker and the other for the dispenser. The ice maker coil could be burned out. Check the resistance with your multimeter. If it reads open, it’s bad.

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