Appliantology Newsletter, February 2012: Screencasts, Blog Morph

Another steamy issue of *Appliantology* comes streaking across the Internet like skid marks across the sky and explodes into your inbox! Konnichiwa, my friends, Samurai Appliance Repair Man here bringing you yet more pearls of appliantological wisdom. Let us attend!

First, I want to tell you about an exciting change in our newsletter: we’re gonna be sending ’em out more often. Up ’till now, I’ve been sending out issues of *Appliantology* about quarterly. But there’s just so much going on over at the Appliantology Academy,– more on that in a minute– that we thought we really needed to send out more frequent issues of our newsletter, *Appliantology*, if it was going to still be worthy of being called a newsletter. So we’re looking to send out two issues of *Appliantology* per month, about every other week. They’ll be in this format: all text, mobile-friendly, featuring news and links to recent content at the site that we think you’d want to know about.

In case you’re not already familiar with the Appliantology Academy (or even if you are), come take a guided tour of the Academy campus grounds with Mrs. Samurai in her debut rock opera screencast ==> (I’m using the Google URL shortener because it’s a long, hairy link that looks really ugly and takes up way too much screen space on a mobile phone. But the links all go to various pages and sections at – no weird stuff, I promise).

We’ve made five screencasts so far with plans to make many more. Here are a couple of our latest that may be especially interesting to you:

How to use the Downloads section at the Appliantology Academy ==>

Learn how to create an account at the Appliantology Academy ==>

We’ll post new episodes to our screencast page ==>

Changing gears here… If you’ve been following my long-time blog,, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted there since December. Well, there’s a very good reason for that: I’ve moved my blogging efforts over to the Appliantology Academy where I’ve been having far too much fun for the past few months! is a huge site with lots of different areas to explore. Whereas is a single blog, is a bustling campus featuring active repair forums, an illustrative photo gallery, Master’s chat room, service manual file sharing, and multiple blogs!

Yours so very truly and Mrs. Samurai each keep very active blogs at the Appliantology Academy. My blog is mostly about– surprise!– appliance repair but with other stuff thrown in. Mrs. Samurai’s blog is about lifestyle, food, and health-related issues. Here are the links to each of our blogs:

Samurai’s blog ==>

and Mrs. Samurai has her own web address ‘cuz she’s little miss fancy-pants ==> – that link takes you right to her blog at


Samurai Appliance Repair Man


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