Appliantology Newsletter: Burnin’ Down the House!

Appliantology Newsletter
Burnin’ Down the House! Mid-March 2012
The Hottest New Way to Burn Down Your House…
This one innocent and friendly-sounding thing in your kitchen can end up burning down your whole house. Think I’m being hyperbolic just to get you to click a link? Okay, then please DO NOT click this link to learn what it is.
New LG Tech Info Hot Off the Training Press…
Fresh out of the LG training circuit, here’s the latest inside scoop on LG’s new front-load washers and bottom-mount and top-mount refrigerators all arranged in two easy-to-browse photo galleries for your edification and sanctification. I even made a screencast describing them so you can bask in the soothing sounds of my mellifluous voice. Come have a listen and a look.
Enough Appliance Talk– Let’s Go Hiking…
Even though I am the one and only Samurai Appliance Repair Man, appliance warrior extraordinaire, I can only do so much appliance talk before it starts eating my brain. You too? Yeah, when that happens to me, I head for the hills. Specifically, hillstomping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Come refresh your spirit on virtual hikes along the Welch n’ Dickey Loop and on Crawford Path to check out the view from Mt. Ignatius.
The Appliantology Academy,


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