How to fix an electric dryer that stopped working and won’t turn on

CHuckH wrote:

I have a Maytag Perfroma 2300 Series electric dryer. Last night it stopped working. The dryer will not turn on in any setting. Where do I start troubleshooting so that I know what part(s) I may need to replace. I have already checked the house circuit breaker and there is no issue there. Thanks for the help! CHuck

The first step in any appliance no-operation condition is to verify the power supply. In the case of an electric dryer, that means 240vac from L1 to L2 and 120vac from each L1 and L2 to neutral. This is done at the back of the dryer at the terminal block where the power cord connects, like ahso:

If power supply is good, then what you have sounds like a classic case of a bad thermal fuse. Electric dryers are designed so that when the thermal fuse opens, it kills power to the motor and heating element.

Here’s the link to the replacement thermal fuse with a how-to video ==>

BTW, the number one cause of thermal fuses opening is a dryer vent with excessive back pressure. A vent can be totally free of lint and still be bad. The name of the game is back pressure: crimps, using the slinky material, stuck outside vent hood, etc. Read more ==>


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