Kenmore / Frigidaire front load washer won’t do final spin and leaves water in the drum

Randy wrote:

Washer will not final spin in Regular wash. But works fine in all other cycles. It skips to the last part of the spin cycle and leaves water in machine. I just move switch to other cycle and it works fine. Looking for trouble shooting manual or repair manuals for this washer. 417.40042990 washer model #

If the washing machine is not doing the final spin, then it is probably not spinning during the other parts of the cycle, either. You probably haven’t sat in front of the washer to babysit it during a complete cycle to see whether or not this is the case, though I can guarantee you it is.

The fact that the washer is leaving water in the tub is the key to the problem here. The rule with front loaders is this: no pumpy, no spinny.

So, to begin this repair journey, you would begin right at the pump itself. The first thing to find out is whether or not the pump is actually running during the spin cycle. You can do this by listening (if you know what you’re listening for) or by checking for voltage 120vac at the pump wire harness during the beginning of the spin cycle.

If the pump is getting voltage but not running, then the pump is bad; replace it. ==>

If the pump is getting voltage and you hear it running– or trying to run– then either the pump is bad or the drain hose is plugged. To proceed in this case, remove the drain hose from the pump, pucker up and blow like a fish. You should clear an initial slug of water and then the drain hose should blow through freely. If the drain hose is clear, and you hear the pump running during the spin cycle, then the the pump is bad; replace it. ==>

You can buy the replacement pump right here with a 365 day return policy. 8)

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