Appliantology Newsletter: Reefer Madness Issue!

Appliantology Newsletter
Reefer Madness Issue! Early April 2012
This One Mistake Can Cause Massive Food Spoilage
Click to Find Out!Our mission here at and The Samurai School of Appliantology is to prepare our students for that moment of appliance satori–a profound and simultaneous awareness of all appliances everywhere. It often strikes like a lightning bolt when a student least expects it, such as while working on an appliance that’s still plugged in. Conversely, the cherished moment of appliance satori can occur in the absence of any electricity, as revealed in this haiku.
Silence and stillness,
food rotting, decomposing…
Find out why: click here.
Early Warning Sign of Impending Fridge Doom
Click to learn more!Do your refrigerator door gaskets feel hot? I’m not just talking about warm, I’m talking HOT. If so, then this may be an early warning sign of a refrigerator that’s about to lose its cool altogether. It could happen gradually and imperceptibly. Maybe you start noticing that the milk is spoiling faster or the beer just ain’t tooth-crackin’ cold like should-awwta be. If you’re one of the edumucated refrigerati who keeps a thermometer in both compartments of the refrigerator (hint, hint), then maybe you notice that the freezer can’t maintain 0˚F and the beer section can’t seem to get below 40˚F. Find out why in this illuminating and inspiring screencast from the Samurai.
Samurai Unleashed!
Click to Listen!Listen in as Samurai Appliance Repair Man and Mrs. Samurai let loose in their latest podcasts. You might be surprised at what they have to say about appliances, running a web business, and the government conspiracy against effective dishwashers!
Here are a couple of our more popular episodes:
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Amp Up Your Nutrition by Becoming an Eggs-pert!
Click to Read More!Want better health and vitality? Then you need to get the most nutrition possible out of your food in order to combat the negative effects of stress and environmental toxins. In Mrs. Samurai’s latest blog post, learn how to decipher the somewhat confusing terminology on your egg carton so that you can easily boost the nutrients on your breakfast plate!
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