How to clean a refrigerator condenser and other simple routine maintenance that anyone can (and should) do

Your Name: Shelly

Type of Appliance: Refrigerator

Brand: whirlpool

Model Number: edsgtgxnq00

Your Precious Words:
Outside of refrig sides and middle strip hot have cleaned front of coils but back coils dirty can I take back off to clean and will I beable to see the condenser fan?

Hi Shelly,

You’re definitely on the right track! That condenser is exactly what needs to be cleaned. Ahh, Grasshoppah, you have learned well; you have snatched the pebble from my hand!

The only thing you lack now is the confidence to carry on with your convictions and your good instincts. The short answer to your question is, “Yes, remove the back to clean the back of the condenser. Also, use a condenser brush from the front for best cleaning results.”

Watch the video below and it will guide you further in this simple maintenance task and others as well.

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