Refrigerator section not cold enough but freezer temperature is good and air flow seems okay

Your Name: Paul

Type of Appliance: Refrigerator

Brand: Whirlpool

Model Number: ED25TEXHN01

Your Precious Words:
Seems that I can’t get the refrigerator section cold enough. Temp in the freezer reads 5 deg F while my the refrigerator reads 40 deg F steadystate. I’ve got the damper set for Freezer to Warmest and the Thermostat set to Refrigerator to Coldest. Airflow between the Freezer and Refrigerator seem good.

Hi Paul,

The freezer should be able to run at 0 degrees F with no problem. If you’re having problems achieving 0F in the freezer, then you probably need to clean the condenser coils. See this post for more on that ==>

But even at 5 deg F in the freezer, the only other reasons for the fresh food compartment (or “beer section”) staying too warm are the following:

1. Air flow problem.

This could be the air flow between the freezer and the beer section. You mentioned that the air flow seems good but I’m not sure how you’re assessing that. You should be able to feel the air blowing into the beer compartment from the freezer through the damper. But you should also check the return port. Since this refrigerator is a side-by-side unit, the return port will be located at the bottom, beside the crisper drawers. Not unusual to see this port get blocked by an errant plastic bag or some other debris.

The other thing that can affect air flow is door gaskets. Carefully check the door seal on the beer compartment door all the way around using a Federal Reserve Note. Close the Note in the door and pull it out, should give some resistance when you tug. Repeat this all along the perimeter, noting any gaps, tears, or shrinkage as these will all allow warmer, outside air into the compartment.

2. Light stuck on.

This one is less common, especially in Whirlpool refrigerators but can still happen. Easiest way to check this is by opening the beer compartment door and immediately reaching back and touching the light bulb before it’s had a chance to warm up. Should feel cold. If it’s hot to the touch, then you know the light is staying on when the door is closed and you’ll need to troubleshoot this. Could just be a bad door switch or the door liner isn’t striking the switch correctly. We can help you troubleshoot this in the Appliantology Academy ==>

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