Replaced touchpanel on Maytag range now none of the keys are working

Your Name: Dacy

Type of Appliance: Oven/Range/Stove

Brand: Maytag

Model Number: mew5530ddb

Your Precious Words:
Certain numbers on my oven have not been working, then last week the bake button also stopped working. I replaced the control panel and now none of the keys are working. Could I have done something wrong in the installation or do I also need the computer behind the control panel? Do you have some installation instructions so that I can see if I missed any steps.

Hi Dacy,

First off, recheck all your connections to make sure they’re in the right place. Also, make sure the ribbon connector for the touchpanel you replaced is firmly seated all the way down in the receptacle on the control board computer. Disconnect it and reconnect it.

If all that checks out good, then probably what’s going on is that static electricity on your body took out the control board (the computer behind the touchpanel) when you were installing the new touchpanel. Based on your original problem description, replacing the touchpanel was the right thing to do but it may not have been done correctly.

The assembly and access to the touchpanel and control board are usually pretty straightforward– if you can replace the touchpanel, you can replace the control board. The most important installation instructions for installing the new touchpanel and/or control board is to ground out static electricity on your body!

These control boards contain very sensitive electronic components that are easily damaged by static electricity. Most people don’t realize just how susceptible to damage from static electricity they really are. This is why the installation instructions that come with the control boards will always have big notices about static electricity grounding from your body. In this regard, the most important step you can take is to wear a ground strap from your body to a grounded surface to ground out any static electricity you may be carrying. You can purchase the ground strap from your local radio shack store, they’re not expensive at all.

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