Appliantology Newsletter: Making Refrigerator Water Safe

Appliantology Newsletter
Making Refrigerator Water Safe
Mid-April 2012
What kind of gookus is lurking in the water and ice from your refrigerator?
What kind of gookus is lurking in your water?Short answer: you don’t wanna know! As the water filter in your refrigerator removes bad taste and scale from the water used in your ice maker and fountain, it accumulates lots of poisonous yucky stuff often found in tap water such as lead, asbestos, chlorine, giardia, cysts, pesticides, and herbicides. But after six to 12 months of use, the water filter becomes saturated and needs to be replaced because it’s no longer filtering out the bad stuff. Instead, you’re drinking it all in. Replacing the water filter is a snap and we have replacement filters for all brands and models of refrigerators and even add-on filters. Check out our selection of refrigerator water filters.
Adding an ice maker to your refrigerator is a snap!
Looking to replace your dearly departed icemaker? Sick of filling ice cube trays and you’re finally ready to install an icemaker kit in your fridge? Figuring out which kit you need can be confusing. Let this handy table be your guiding light.
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Death By Chocolate
This decadent dessert is a legend at our parish’s Paschal (Easter) feast – the serving bowl is often literally licked clean when everyone is done! It’s super easy because it relies on box mixes and Cool Whip, but somehow the combination of the various ingredients results in a surprisingly tasty and even elegant completed dish. Come git you some!
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