Bosch washer E:04 error problem

Your Name: Carl

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: Bosch Frontloading Nexxt 500 series

Model Number: WFMC3301UC

Your Precious Words:
This is another E:04 error problem. I found and read the other posts in this thread, took off the outer cover, opened the pump cleanout and removed a button and a paper clip, and put everything back together. STILL getting the E:04 message, apparently when the washer reaches the rinse cycle. I can sort-of work around the problem using the soak, drain, and spin settings, but not consistently; and that is not a substitute for working through the entire cleaning cycle automatically. The output from the drain hose seems sluggish. Is there some place before the pump cleanout where things can get caught? If so, where is that and how do I get at it to clean things out? Thank you for your help.

Hi Carl,

The root of this problem is slow draining. So, the first thing you want to do is listen to this episode of my podcast where I explain how to track down this problem in a GE front loading washer ==>

Don’t worry that it’s about a GE washer; as I explain in the podcast, the principles apply to all front load washers because they all work the same way.

If after listening to the podcast and applying the wisdom explained therein the problem still persists, then the only thing left is to replace the drain pump. It is actually not uncommon for these drain pumps to fail this way. Bearings wear out and starting binding randomly causing slow or no pump out problems with the resulting E:04 error code that you’re seeing.

You can buy the replacement drain pump for your Bosch washer with a 365-day return policy right here ==>

Replacing it is pretty easy, this page has some helpful tips ==>

If you need more help, come start a new topic in the Laundry Forum at the Appliantology Academy ==>


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