LG washer with LE code [video]

Your Name: Tom

Type of Appliance: Washer

Brand: LG

Model Number: wm2077cw

Your Precious Words:
Dreaded LE code again Unplug and wait not working this time, what next?

Hi Tom,

LG washers throw this error code when they sense there’s a problem with the rotor position sensor (RPS). There may or may not actually be a problem with the RPS, but the machine computer is pointing us in that direction. So, we start there.

This page explains how to test the RPS ==> http://fixitnow.com/wp/2011/07/18/how-to-test-the-hall-sensor-in-an-lg-front-loading-washer/

If the sensor is, in fact, bad, you can buy the replacement here with a 365-day return policy ==> http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Rotor-Position-Sensor/6501KW2002A/1268238?RCAID=24038

And this video shows you how to install it:

It’s worth noting here that the single most common cause of LE error codes in LG washing machines is using non-HE detergent. Professor john63 in the Appliantology Academy explains ==> http://appliantology.org/blog/1/entry-319-the-consequences-of-using-non-he-detergent-in-an-lg-washer/

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