Clearing an ice clump jamming the ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator [video]

Sometimes, when an ice maker stops working, it’s something simple. In this case, it was an ice clump stuck between the ice maker and the compartment wall jamming the ice maker.

This particular Samsung refrigerator is model number RFG297HDWP/XAA. It’s a French Door / bottom freezer unit with the ice maker in the upper (fresh food) compartment in its own little cubby. Watch with amazement as the Samurai practices his art.

Sometimes, it’s not this simple. In fact, in this particular model group, it’s very common for the ice maker to fail; many professional servicers will even stock the ice maker as truck stock. If you’re not as lucky as the folks in this video, you’ll need to replace the ice maker. You can buy it here with a 365-day return policy ==>

To learn more about your ice maker, or to order parts, click here.


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