GE refrigerator leaking water all over the freezer

Your Name: Lisa

Type of Appliance: Refrigerator

Brand: GE Artica

Model Number: PSF26PG/PSS26PS

Your Precious Words:
I have a GE Artica Model Number PSF26PG/PSS26PS
under those number was this number also PSW26PS.
This after noon my freezer was covered in ice and water…looks like it melted or dripped into the freezer. It was all over like that. I unplugged it i did notice the entire time water was continually dripping from the ice maker. So i cleaned it all up.. none was on the out side on the floor or anything (until i actually moved it from the wall) so i went in the living room checked it out a couple hours later there was water all over freezing up in ice cicles and etc. So i turned the water off to it and just checked it and all is fine. The ice maker is abt 2 to 2.5 years old…i replaced it and things have been fine with it since as far as making ice and etc goes… any ideas what to do now??? I am at a loss on this..Any help would be appreciated

Hi Lisa,

Going by your description of water all over the inside of the freezer, it sounds like the ice maker fill tube in back of the may be out of position and is spraying water each time it tries to fill the ice maker. If that’s good, then that only leaves the ice maker itself as the source of the leak. Common problem in the Samsung-built GE refrigerators. You can buy the replacement ice maker here with a 365-day return policy ==>

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