Appliantology Newsletter: Refrigerator Repair Visualized

Appliantology Newsletter
Refrigerator Repair Visualized
Late-May 2012
Professional Appliantologists mark the seasons by the prevalence of a particular appliance failure. For example, we are currently in what we professional Appliantologists call, “Refrigerator Season.” This is the time of year when the warm, humid weather brings out all those incipient and latent problems with your refrigerator: fresh food (beer) compartment no longer cold, no ice from the ice maker, water leaking from the freezer, etc. This issue offers you visual (video) repair tips for various common refrigerator problems that you’re likely to see this Refrigerator Season. These are just a few selections– check out all the videos on our Youtube channel. Each week we add new videos; subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss ’em!
Troubleshooting a Water Dispenser that Quit Dispensing Water

Fixing a Refrigerator with a Warm Beer (fresh food) Compartment

Fixing an Ice Dispenser that Only Dispenses Crushed Ice

Troubleshooting the Electronics in an LG Refrigerator,


1 thought on “Appliantology Newsletter: Refrigerator Repair Visualized

  1. Samurai Appliance Repair Man Post author

    Email comment from unnamed newsletter subscriber:

    Need to see text write ups for these, a lot of folks dont do flash or Ytube, let alone Fbook.

    Seriously? Did you even click the pictures or did you just see YouTube-looking images and then email me?

    The images are just that: images. If you click them, they take you to various posts at my blog complete with writeups. Oh, BTW, no Fakebook needed.

    Dayyam! And I worked really hard to make this issue of the newsletter look that way only to have people not even bother to click the freakin’ pictures, as if they’re gonna break their computers if they click something. C’mon, people, it’s 2012, let’s get beyond the internet-noob thing.

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