Appliantology Newsletter: Secret Refrigerator Repair Tricks

Appliantology Newsletter
Secret Refrigerator Repair Tricks
Early-July 2012
Trade Secrets
Okay, before I divulge protected trade secrets for fixing refrigerators, I have to ask for your solemn vow of silence. Divulging this information to the profane can get me in big trouble with my Brethren in The Craft. I could get thrown out of the International Appliance Repair Guild! So, please, if you feel like sharing these secrets with someone, do so by forwarding them this entire newletter. That way, nothing can get taken out of context that might get me trouble with The Brethren. Domo!
Refrigerator Warming Up in Both Compartments and No Frost on the Back Wall Inside the Freezer?
This will be one of four things:

1. Dirty condenser (preventable)
2. Burned out compressor start relay (very fixable)
3. Bad or lazy condenser fan motor (very fixable)
4. Bad compressor or sealed system (“freon”) leak (terminal event: go shopping)

As indicated, the first three causes are very fixable, even preventable. But the fourth one is a 4th Down Time to Punt event. That’s because EPA’s DuPont regulations have made doing sealed system work so expensive that it’s not cost-effective to do it on most refrigerators… unless you paid so much for the box that you’re married to it (a la Sub-Zero). So, lots of easily-repairable refrigerators choking up the landfills today.

Be that as it may, let’s talk about the first three things that we can do something about…
Dirty Condenser
A dirty condenser will make any refrigerator warm up. Even the mighty Sub-Zero is not immune from a dirty condenser’s refrigerator-killing effects. Check this out, this could be you:

Burned Out Compressor Start Relay / Bad or Lazy Condenser Fan Motor
I grouped these two things together because they can and do occur together but most people, including most technicians, don’t catch this. But you, dear reader, are now privvy to one to the Samurai’s most cherished repair tricks…

And Hey! …
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