Secret Samurai Trick for Correctly Diagnosing Refrigerator Compressor Start Problems

Sometimes, when you’re working on a compressor no-start problem, it’s a simple matter of replacing the compressor start relay. But is the bad relay the primary cause of the problem or a secondary effect from something else? Sometimes, it’s not obvious and it takes real Samurai Kidneys™ to discern what’s really going on. Watch and learn, Grasshoppah…

Here’s the relay and overload kit I used to fix the compressor ==>

And here’s the replacement condenser fan motor I installed ==>

One of the common failures with a compressor is that the varnish insulation on the motor windings starts to break down and current starts leaking to ground. If the current leakage is large enough, you can deduce that this is happening by measuring compressor current draw. Or you can directly check out the compressor motor windings using an instrument called a megger to directly test the integrity of the winding insulation. This video shows using a megger to check the compressor motor:

Here’s the updated Supco megger I use to check compressors ==> Supco M-500 Megohmmeter

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