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Kenmore Dryer Won’t Work

Grasshopper writes:

I have a kenmore electric dryer. When I turned it on, it wouldn’t tumble. I checked the door switch and others all good. The thermal fuse had blown. Once replaced I tried it again and it still didn’t work. The unit was getting power. During the timed dry cycle it would count down; however, any other cycle didn’t count down. Obviously the timer is running fine. I tried it again and this time the unit attempted to move; however, immediately started to smoke. I unplugged the unit and looked for burnt wires. I pulled the contacts appart and cleaned them (some were burnt – they aren’t anymore). I checked the thermal fuse and other thermostats, all are still good. The door switch burnt out this time. I replaced it and and checked the unit again. Once again, it attempted to work; however, it smoked and burnt again. This is where I am. A dryer unplugged from the wall with a bad door switch in need of repair. I believe I have a short somewhere (which surprises me) because I haven’t changed anything that would cause this problem unless I put the wires on the cycle selector wrong (I drew them out before removing). Does anyone have a wiring diagram, repair manual, or suggestions where to look?