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Replace your window air conditioner filter to stay cool and healthy this summer!

Air Conditioner Filter Parts

Winter has finally given way to Spring up here in northern Yankeeland but it’s still pretty chilly–nowhere near air conditioner weather. Most of the country is getting into the warm spring weather and lots of folks down in the Southland are already cranking up their air conditioners. Is it warming up where you are yet? Well, before you know it, the sweltering heat of summer will be squatting down on you like a sweaty sumo wrestler and you’ll need that air conditioner cranking out all the cold air you can get! Here’s a tip to make sure your window air conditioner is ready to keep that sumo wrestler off of you this summer!

Important: Replace/clean filter every month

Window air conditioners (or through-the-wall units) are outfitted with a simple electrostatic filter or framed mesh filter in the front grill area to filter the air that passes through them – you’ll need to clean this filter before hooking up the unit for the season, and then monthly during the cooling season.

This filter does two things: 1) it removes some of the particulates circulating around the room for better hygiene and health and 2) maybe more importantly, it protects the evaporator coil (the one that makes the cold air) inside the air conditioner and helps keep it from getting coated with an insulating layer of gookus, which reduces efficiency, costing you more money to run it, and keeps it from cooling as well.

If the filter is deteriorating or ripped, replace it! Air conditioner filters are inexpensive and easy to replace. You can buy a replacement filter for any type or brand of window air conditioner here, including electrostatic, cut-to-fit, and framed mesh filters ==>

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