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The first step in snowblower repair: getting the full and correct model number of your snowblower

Well, bubbalouie, if you live up in the northern latitudes, chances are pretty good that you own a snowblower or have a neighbor who does. Up here in Yankee Land, we’ve already got our snow covering for the winter and they’s sure to be more to come.

When– not if– your snowblower breaks, it’s usually gonna be something simple that most DIYers can do themselves with just a little bit of information. A world of snowblower replacement parts and repair help, including excellent, professionally-produced how-to videos for snowblower repair, awaits you right here.

As with any appliance repair, the one indispensable piece of information about your snowblower that you will absolutely need to know is the snowblower model number. HINT: do not use the model number listed on the owner’s manual because these are usually incomplete to cover several model variations and is not useful for finding parts for your specific machine. Well, don’t you fret none, ‘cuz we even have a video to help you with that!

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