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Tech sheet location and thermistor information for Samsung dryers

Sublime Master of Appliantology john63 at the Samurai School of Appliantology enlightens us on two key aspects of Samsung dryers: tech sheet location and thermistor operation.

On the rear/back of the dryer—there’s a TECH SHEET in a plastic pouch.

On the sheet—you’ll find the test values for various components.

THERMISTORS can fail and still not trigger an error display. Check the OHMS value (at room temperature) with a test meter.

Also, the thermistor is not in series with the heat element, the thermostat is.

The thermistor detects temp changes in the dryer by changes in resistance, which are interpreted by the control determining when to turn the heat on and off…

The THERMISTOR has a *coating* on it that becomes scratched/chipped over time by tiny particles in the blower housing. The salty air then corrodes the THERMISTOR (no heat at all).

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