Rich Repairs on a Maytag Neptune Super Stack Washer

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on March 28, 2005

in Washer Repair

minnownj wrote:

Your website is absolutely fabulous! THANKYOU!
I am one of those unlucky idiots who purchased the Maytag Neptune Super Stack model MLE2000AYW. My machine died yesterday and I had the “lonely” Maytag repairman over to take a look. The $%#%^*&^ computer board is fried. The repair quote is $900. Since the machine broke down after the 8/9/2004 deadline on the class action suit, I am at Maytag’s mercy to either attempt to repair it or give me a Washing Machine Purchase Certificate. But I don’t want to purchase another #%$$# Maytag.

I need a stacking unit due to space constrictions. I’m considering purchasing a Frigidaire Gallery Series GLEH1642DS. But before I do, I wanted your venerable opinion, since it is VERY OBVIOUS that you know what you’re doing.

Well, Mr. Samurai, what do you think?

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I think $900 for this repair is very rich indeed! Yanno, if only I charged that much for repairs, then I wouldn’t be running this silly DIY appliance repair website. Hey…

Anyway, I think you should investigate doing this repair yourself. First, confirm the diagnosis– the guy could be blowing huge, billowing clouds of thick, greazy smoke up your keester. Then, buy the part ratcheer and you’ll save yer bad self a whole buttload of moola. Booyah!


So, the guy emails me back:

minnownj wrote:

Hey, thanks for the reply. Already tried to buy the motor control board, no one has it, no one will sell it to me.

What do you think about Frigidaire appliances?

Now, here’s a case where I had taken the time to reply to this guy and he apparently didn’t bother reading my email closely enough to check out the link I sent him. In fact, the machine control board is in-stock and ready to ship at that link. In case there are any other alphabetically-challenged users pretending to read this post, I’ll attempt to make it more obvious: CLICK HERE NOW TO BUY THE MACHINE CONTROL BOARD FOR YOUR CRAPPY MAYTAG WASHER.

Any questions?

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