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by Cstage on January 26, 2006

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..found an intermittant leak, apparantly beneath and behind our 20+ year old Kenmore washer, and checking out the horriific replacement prices, I found your web page last year. I found the courage to start taking it all apart, expecting the main bearing to have failed,… ( worst case is end up with a leaky, unassembled pile of junk, right, and it’s easier to carry out pieces than the whole beast..) . Good news was that it was really an old kids sock lodged in the filter/trap, and the ” leak” was found to be the deteriorated plastic washer coupling midway up the tank to a (drain or relief pipe?), probably leaked only on high water cycles. The dreaded project became a simple inspection, clean up, WD 40, new hose clamps and GE silicione II for a few nights after the day job. Compared to the OLDS Acheiva fuel system rebuild I was conducting, this was way less $, quicker, and the machine will be in use a lot longer than that car ever will be. .. thanks this very important service for ex middle class survivors…

After an unscheduled P.C. change last year , different browser changes, IP provider I’ve been searching for this site for quite a while to add to the beer fund thanks…( after Googling DIY, appliance, and ninja, finally remembering the …unique ‘samurai’ syntax. Thanks. However, now the 16 year old dryer seems to be only 1/2 efficient…

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man January 26, 2006 at 8:07 pm

Hey, great repair story and très domos for the brewskis!

The reduced efficiency you’re now seeing with your dryer is due to a restricted dryer vent. Read this pearl of dryer venting wisdom.

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