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Monday, March 14, 2005

Appliance Repair Revelation, A Peek Inside the Whirlpool (and Kenmore) Duet Dryer

appliance tip of the day archive(Click the pictures for a larger view.)

If yours is the gas version, the gas burner assembly is conveniently accessed from the front of the dryer by simply removing the quarter panel below the door panel. You'll see the assembly on the right hand side, as shown below.

Whirlpool / Kenmore Duet Dryer:  Gas Burner Assembly
Gas Burner Assembly

All appliances these days have a tech sheet hidden somewhere inside of them. To find the tech sheet on the Duet dryer, you have to remove the top panel and thar she blows, as Samenilla points out below.

Whirlpool / Kenmore Duet Dryer: Tech Sheet Location
Tech Sheet Location

If you need to get deep into the guts of this beast, such as to replace a belt or change the venting from the side to the back, then you'll need to remove the door panel assembly. To do this, you first need to remove the top control panel. You'll undo some screws, as shown below, and then the control panel slides up and out. Be sure to secure this panel because if it slops around, you could damage some delicate ribbon connectors. With the control panel lifted off, you have full access to all the mounting screws for the door panel. The rest is trivial and I won't bore you with it.

Whirlpool / Kenmore Duet Dryer: Remove Top Panel to Remove Control Panel
Remove Top Panel to Remove Control Panel

Ok, tear 'em up!

For more information about your dryer or to order parts, click here.

grasshoppers sitting with the master doing a special gas conversion

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Unfortunately I can't manage to get the front panel of the kenmore model 86983110 off, like I could it's predecessor. The top front panel has everything but the bottom off, whereas the bottom front has me puzzled...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 10, 2005 11:48 PM  

About 4 inches from the left and right sides there is a spring like
latch that must be pushed down. Use a screw driver to push down and the lower panel will come off.
It's a pain. I dented mine slightly
but no damage done.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 09, 2006 6:58 PM  

Just to clear things up, the latches are on the top of the lower panel 4 inches from the left
and right sides.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 09, 2006 7:00 PM  

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