Appliance Tip of the Day: Appliance Parts Diagrams

Diagrams to Help You Fix it YourselfEver tear something apart only to realize, to your horror, that you don’t remember how the damn thing goes back together? Or, you get it back together but you have a few extra screws and things left over and for the next few weeks you got this nagging tug at your gut as you wonder where they went…and whether or not it matters. Well, my intrepid grasshoppers, how ’bout we quit flying blind and get a parts breakdown diagram for our appliance before we embark on our repair odyssey? Sure takes out the guesswork. Could even show you what part you need to get it fixed. Sound like a good idea? Ok then, come git you some o’ dis.

grasshoppers sitting down with the master to review the parts diagrams before they tear apart their washer


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