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Perfect Appliance Gift Ideas

The Samurai has scoured both the Innernet AND the Outernet rounding up those perfect Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus gift ideas for that special Fixer Dude or Dudette in your life.  Click the photos for more info or to purchase.


Stay warm AND safe with this Pocket Air Check combustible gas leak detector. Works with Natural and LP gas.

Gas Leak Detector - Part # 1028649 Mfg Part # 500A0300A


Multimeter.  The indispensable tool for every DIYer.  Specs: Volts AC 750 , Volts DC 1000, Amps AC 10, Resistance max. (Ohms) 2M, Continuity, Temperature -4 °F to 2498° F, Display (Counts) 2,000, Operating Temperature 32° F to 74° F (0°C to 23°C), Fuse Protection mA: 0.2A/ 250V, Power 9 V Battery (included), Size 5.5″L x 3″W x 1.5″. Temp probe included.

Multimeter - Part # 964740 Mfg Part # DM10T


Non-contact A/C voltage detector. Test for voltage without touching any bare wires. This detector works by sensing voltage through the wire’s insulation. Detector has an audible beeper and visible flashing light indicator.

Voltage Tester - Part # 1255942 Mfg Part # 1000100009


3 in 1 tool for splicing wires. Has wire strippers for stripping off insulation from the wire. Crimpers for crimping solderless connectors and bolt cutters for cutting small bolts. High quality.

Wire Splicing Tool - Part # 967613 Mfg Part # 1002


240 Volt 240 Volt outlet checkers for checking the outlets on electric ranges and dryers.

Tool - Part # 1176379 Mfg Part # 4396932


Dryer Vent Tester for testing the backpressure on a dryer vent.  Excessive backpressure is the single most common cause of overly long dryer times, repeatedly blowing thermal fuses and poor dryer performance.  A vent can be free of lint and still be bad!  Use this spiffy tool to check your dryer vent.  A must-have if you’re a pro in the trade.

Tool - Part # 1447456 Mfg Part # W10106710


Microwave leakage detector.

Microwave Test Kit - Part # 1668485 Mfg Part # A138


Refrigerator and freezer thermometer, temps from -20 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermometer face has special markings to show where food is safe and where it is at risk of spoilage.

Thermometer - Part # 903650 Mfg Part # 8171720


The Kill-A-Watt Energy Usage Meter. This plug-in meter allows you to track total power consumption by hour, day, week, month, or year. Also displays Voltage (V), Line Frequency (Hz), and Power Factor (PF). 15 amp maximum. No batteries required. Accepts standard 110 volt plugs, 2 or 3 prong.

Energy Usage Meter - Part # 1012487 Mfg Part # P4400


Freezer alarm, sounds if freezer temperature goes above 15 degrees.  Never lose expensive frozen foods again!

Freezer Alarm - Part # 786349 Mfg Part # 8171458


Gasohol tester.  Used to test the alcohol content in the fuel.

Gasohol Tester - Part # 1611245 Mfg Part # 795161


Polder 3 function thermometer: large LCD read out displays the temperature of food during cooking. Presettable HI/LOW and inside the range temperature alert. Timer: 24 hour count down and count-up. Clock: Real-time clock. Stainless steel probe. Temperature chart and battery included.

Digital Meat Thermometer - Part # 905158 Mfg Part # 601-90


Glide n Guard floor protector for appliance moving.

Floor Protectors for Moving Appliance - Part # 12914 Mfg Part # 93001


Affresh HE Washer Cleaner Pack – Use once a month to keep your HE (high efficiency) washer clean and odor-free! 3 Power Puck tablets and 4 Grit Grabber cloths per box.

Cleaner Kit - Part # 1914804 Mfg Part # W10306172


Affresh Dishwasher and Disposal Cleaner – 6 Tablets.

Dishwasher and Disposer Cleaner - Part # 1552531 Mfg Part # W10282479


Glisten dishwasher cleaner

Dishwasher Cleaner - Part # 1915432 Mfg Part # 5304482929


Refrigerator and freezer condenser coil cleaning brush with instructions. Also works great for dryer lint.

Long Handled Bristle Brush - Part # 12859 Mfg Part # 5303318693


Solid-surface range element cleaner (Sponge no longer included).

Solid Surface Element Cleaner - Part # 12830 Mfg Part # 5303310267


Vacuum cleaner attachment for condenser and dryer cleaning – This long vacuum cleaner attachment will help to clean dust and lint build-up in and around your refrigerator condenser coils underneath the refrigerator and dryer lint in the area where the lint filter is inserted. Fits 1-1/4 inch vacuum hose.

Vacuum Hose Attachment - Part # 1544893 Mfg Part # 8171579A


Dryer vent cleaning brush. For 4″ diameter round ducts. 20 feet long.

20 Foot Vent Cleaning Brush - Part # 424663 Mfg Part # 18001034


Complete Ceramic Cooktop Care Kit – contains a 10 ounce Cooktop Cleaner to clean and polish all glass or ceramic cooktops. A 4 ounce bottle of Cooktop Protectant. Six small cooktop cleaning pads and one larger Cooktop Protectant applicator.

Glass Cooktop Cleaner - Part # 959474 Mfg Part # 31605


Stainless steel cleaner.

Stainless Steel Cleaner - Part # 1542817 Mfg Part # 31462A


Gas grate cleaner.

Grate Cleaner - Part # 496592 Mfg Part # 316119700


Rust remover – Removes rust stains from clothes, dishes, glassware, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, painted surfaces, concrete and water softeners. 16-ounce bottle.

Rust Remover - Part # 1550725 Mfg Part # W10278629


Return policy on appliance parts purchased through all Samurai Appliance Repair Websites: 365 Days. Period.™

No harm in buying and trying! Electrical parts? Out of stock parts? No problem! Get a free replacement or your money back if you return a part within one full year. This is the best return policy in the industry and applies to all parts purchased through any of the Repairclinic banners and links at all Samurai appliance repair websites:,,, and Announces 365 Day Return Policy raises the stakes in today’s highly competitive online appliance and outdoor power equipment parts industry with their new and unparalleled parts-return policy: 365 Days. Period.™ This is, by far, the best parts-return policy in the appliance and outdoor power equipment industry.

365 Days. Period.™ simply means customers can return any part or any product for any reason within 365 days from the date of purchase. This includes electrically installed, electronic, special order, and out of stock parts. This is a giant leap forward from the current industry standard return policy of 30 days.

“Our new return policy is another way we provide exceptional service to our customers,” said Chris Hall, president. “365 Days. Period.™ allows customers the freedom to implement our long standing policy of “No harm in buying and trying” where a customer can buy a part, try it, and return it if it doesn’t work: no questions asked.”

To use the 365 Days. Period.™ return policy, customers simply fill out the printed return form that comes with the part with the model and serial numbers of the appliance then return it for a refund or a free replacement. When receives the returned part, a credit will be issued for the price of the part, including any applicable taxes. Shipping is non-refundable unless made an error in the shipment.

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

SMS==> 603-505-8460

RepairClinic launches new state-of-the art website with a new parts search engine and expanded product line

On Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010, launched a new state-of-the-art website to provide customers with the highest quality service. This new site features, among other innovations, a new part-search engine loaded with additional part information; a more refined, but customer-friendly checkout process; and expanded product lines. new product lines include outdoor power equipment, and vacuum cleaners. They offer both OEM and after-market parts for 24 brands of walk-behind lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, zero turn radius (ZTR) lawn mowers, and small engines. They are also offering an entire inventory of OEM replacement parts and accessories for seven brands of vacuum cleaners.

New Features of

Part Replacement Videos has revolutionized the do-it-yourself world by producing step-by-step, high-definition part-replacement videos. Each video demonstrates complete disassembly, part replacement, and reassembly of the appliance. If a part-replacement video is available, a video icon will appear below the part description. We currently offer over 100 part-replacement videos and are producing over 40 new videos each month.

Search No Further newly enhanced “Shop for Parts” search engine is unlike any other in the appliance-parts industry today: it unites customers with their parts more quickly and easily than ever before. The part selections are titled more clearly for easier identification and there inventory of parts are re-categorized for more accurate search results. Searches can be generated from menus or keywords, and customers can select or deselect search criteria at any time and in any order; generating a new set of results each time.

It’s All In the Details
Identifying parts is made easier with there “Part Detail” page which gives clear and precise part descriptions and displays larger part images. Most part images appear on a 1-square-inch grid, and can be viewed at twice their size for a more detailed view of the part. Many parts also have a “RepairGuru® Tip” offering additional helpful information about the part. They assign a skill-level rank to many parts: “one wrench” means an easy repair; “four wrenches” means a difficult repair and may need a repair technician.

Location, Location, Location
Providing a model number generates the most accurate result when searching for a part. exclusive “Model Number Identification” videos help customers identify the product’s model-number tag and its location on the product. Each video displays a rotating 3-D computer-generated illustration of the product showing clear views of possible tag locations. Also available for quick reference are static 3-D illustrations of each product for possible tag locations.

The Buck Stops Here new and innovative checkout process allows customers to view, modify, and complete their order with ease. They have combined all of the checkout information onto one page to simplify the process. Customers complete each section, and review their order before submission to prevent any errors. A clear, concise order-confirmation page appears for printing for the customers’ records.

No Need For a Bloodhound
Tracking an order is now available directly from there website. Customers click on “Order Tracking” from any page on the website, “Log In” to their account, and click on the order number they want to track. Customers will view the ship date, shipment method, and the tracking number linked to the carrier. Customers can still contact “Customer Service” for order information, but online access is now much quicker and easier.

Get Your LG Appliance Parts Right Here at Your Local Online Appliance Repair Shop

What does “local” mean anymore in this age of the Internet? I mean, can you get any more local than right here on your computer screen? I know we look big time an’ all, but we’re a mom & pop (literally!) operation, too. Instead of a brick n’ mortar repair shop, we’re your online DIY appliance repair shop; we’re every bit (pardon the pun) as real and we’re as close as your compooter screen. How’s that for local?

Fun Fact to Know and Tell: The “local” appliance repair shop in your town or city cannot buy LG appliance parts directly from their parts dealer like they do for other appliance brands; they have to buy them directly from LG.

What does this mean for you? It means you’re gonna pay a higher price and wait longer to get LG parts if buy them from your “local” parts house.

LG.jpgBut the Samurai has the solution: buy your LG parts right here through– your local online appliance repair place– you’ll save mucho dinero and you’ll get your parts delivered lickety-split. Just use the handy links below:

LG Appliance Parts Links

Ice Makers
Microwave Ovens

When Was the Last Time You Replaced the Water Filter in Your Refrigerator?

As the water filter in your refrigerator removes bad taste and scale from the water used in your ice maker and fountain, it accumulates lots of poisonous yucky stuff often found in tap water such as lead, asbestos, chlorine, giardia, cysts, pesticides, and herbicides. But after six to 12 months of use, the water filter becomes saturated and needs to be replaced because it’s no longer filtering out the bad stuff and you’re drinking it all in! When was the last time you replaced the water filter in your refrigerator?

Most refrigerators today with ice makers or water through the door have water filters built in, which is much more convenient than installing one in the water supply line from your water source. Your refrigerator water filter is most likely located either inside the refrigerator cabinet, near the top, or in the grill at the bottom of the unit. Here’s a convenient listing of the most common replacement water filters for refrigerators.

Start your summer off in good health and replace the water filter in your refrigerator today!

Frigidaire PureSourcePlus Water Filter

Frigidaire PureSourcePlus Water Filter – Replacement filter for Frigidaire refrigerators equipped with the PureSource™ water filtration system. This is manufacturer part WFCB, and it replaces 530917752, RF-200, RC200, RC-101 and 46-9906.

Buy Now!
Frigidaire PureSource 2 Water Filter

Frigidaire PureSource 2 Water Filter – This filter fits all Frigidaire/Gibson front cassette refrigerator models. This is manufacturer part number WF2CB. This is Frigidaire’s newest, most advanced filtration system for refrigerators.

Buy Now!
Amana Clean 'n Clear Water Filter

Amana Clean ‘n Clear Water Filter – Single Pack Water Filter Replacement Cartridge. Easy do-it-yourself installation. This is manufacturer part number WF401S. Reduces waterborne contaminates, such as lead, giardia, cryptosporifium, altrazine, lindane, 2, 4-D & asbestos. Chlorine taste and odor is also reduced.

Buy Now!
Maytag/Amana/Jenn-Air PuriClean II Refrigerator Water Filter

Maytag/Amana/Jenn-Air PuriClean II Refrigerator Water Filter – The PuriClean II water filter is manufacturer part number UKF8001AXX. It is a high-quality carbon filter that reduces contaminants such as lead, cysts, pesticides, herbicides and much more. Replace annually or when the filter light is on.

Buy Now!
Maytag Puri-Clean Water Filter

Maytag Puri-Clean Water Filter – Puri-Clean water filter. This is manufacturer part UKF7001AXX.

Buy Now!
LG Premium Ice and Water Replacement Filter

LG Premium Ice and Water Replacement Filter – Replacement filter 5231JA2006A. This is a chemical and mechanical reduction filter, scale inhibitor included. Capacity 300 gallons. Reduces chlorine, taste and odor, sediment and rust.

Buy Now!
LG Premium Replacement Cartridge Filter

LG Premium Replacement Cartridge Filter – Replacement cartridge 5231JA2002A. This is a chemical and mechanical reduction filter. Capacity 500 gallons. Reduces chlorine taste, odor and rust.

Buy Now!
General Electric Water Filter Replacement, Built-In, Without Adapter

General Electric Water Filter Replacement, Built-In, Without Adapter – Replacement water filter cartridge for General Electric Water by Culligan built-in filtration system. This is manufacturer part MWF, and it replaces GWF01, GWF06, HWF, FXRC, FXRT, MXRC, HXRT, WR97X1006 and 46-9905. Does not include adapter. (Adapter is here.)

Buy Now!
Whirlpool Ice & Water Filter

Whirlpool Ice & Water Filter – Ice & water filter. This is manufacturer part 8171413. This filter fits all Whirlpool and KitchenAid water filtration system refrigerators manufactured with the water filter system built inside the refrigerator.

Buy Now!
Whirlpool EZ Change Advanced Water Filter by PUR

Whirlpool EZ Change Advanced Water Filter by PUR – Water and ice filter for Whirlpool refrigerators with the EZ Change Advanced water filter system. Compatible with refrigerators that accept filter number 4396710 and 4396711

Buy Now!
Whirlpool Ice and Water Filter

Whirlpool Ice and Water Filter – Ice and water filter in front access grille for refrigerators made by Whirlpool, including some Kitchen Aid and Kenmore refrigerators. This is manufacturer part 4396508, and it replaces 4392857, WF-NL300, WF-L500 and 4396163. Replace every 6 to 12 months.

Buy Now!
Whirlpool Ice and Water Filter - 2 pack

Whirlpool Ice and Water Filter – 2 pack – Ice and water filter in front access grille for refrigerators made by Whirlpool, including some Kitchen Aid and Kenmore refrigerators.

Buy Now!
Whirlpool Ice And Water Filter

Whirlpool Ice And Water Filter – Cyst ice and water filter for all Whirlpool – Kenmore – Kitchen Aid refrigerators with the filter below the freezer door. Activated carbon block. This is manufacturer part 4392922. Replace every 400 gal. or 6 months, whichever comes first.

Buy Now!
Universal Water Filter

Universal Water Filter – Universal Icemaker Water Filter – 10-inch water filter designed to improve the taste of drinking water and the clarity of ice cubes. Push-on fittings. Order an “Icemaker Installation Kit, Copper” for first time installation.

Buy Now!
Icemaker Water Filter Kit

Icemaker Water Filter Kit – Water filter kit for icemaker line. This is manufacturer part GXRTQ. Works with both plastic and copper lines. Includes quick disconnect fittings for easy replacement. Good for 6 months or 2,000 gallons.

Buy Now!

Used Appliance Parts Exchange in the Appliance Parts Junkyard

Howard wrote:

Dear Learned and Enlightened ONE,

I am in-process of replacing a 12 yr Maytag Neptune Washing M/C P/N MAH3000AWW due to a bad Main Control board (too $$ to fix even considering purchasing from repairclinic). Is there any value donating the known still functioning parts ie Inlet Valve Ass’y, Motor & Control board? I would ask money to reimburse S&H costs though.
Is there a forum to do so or not worth the effort?

Thank You for your opinion and entertaining dialogues.


We have just the place you’re looking for! It’s the Appliance Parts Junkyard at the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums. Just register in the forum (it’s free) and then post your goodies for all the world to see in the Appliance Parts Junkyard. It’s all totally free and it doesn’t cost anything, either. Hey, did I just repeat myself repeat myself?

If you’re looking for NEW appliance parts, come hither.

Important Things You Need to Know About Buying Appliance Parts Online! offers a complete line of appliance parts for all brands and models through our parts partner, RepairClinic. We could have partnered with any number of other appliance parts retailers on the web, but we chose RepairClinic. You won’t find a more complete selection of appliance parts, better customer service, or a more lenient return policy anywhere else. And all at great prices! By clicking through to RepairClinic using the links below or anywhere else at or, a small percentage of your purchase goes to supporting this website without costing you one penny more for the parts you order. So, if you’re going to order appliance parts anyway, how ’bout using the links on this website to ensure that the Samurai will be here the next time you need appliance repair help? Rock on!

Like to shop locally?  Hey, you can’t get anymore local than right here on your compooter screen!     

And does your "local" parts house give you a 365-day no-hassle return policy?  Even on electronic control boards that you already installed?  No?  So… why do you buy there?

I‘ve got some convenient parts search tools right on this page, too. You can either use the yellow parts search box at the top of the page or browse by brand below:

Browse by Brand


























Hampton Bay







JC Penney

Jenn Air



Kitchen Aid




Magic Chef




Modern Maid

Montgomery Wards














Speed Queen









Waste King

West Bend






How to Find Appliance Parts Without Having to Know Much

Now it’s easier than ever to find the appliance parts you need using the new pretty yellow appliance parts search box at the top of the page.

Let’s walk through a quick example of how easy it is to find parts with the new Part Detective using the Whirlpool Duet Sport washer as an example. Let’s suppose we have an F-01 error and have determined that this is a bad CCU (central control unit– a fancy word for an unreliable electronic circuit board) and we need to buy a new one. Now the fun part beings!

Just scroll up to the top of the page and use the handy parts search box in the cheerful yellow box and enter “whirlpool duet sport washer” in the form. The search box below is the same one at the repair forum and here at this website. I’ve already typed in the search term, “whirlpool duet sport washer” so we can move things along:

Find Parts Fast!

Search by part number or model number for best results. If you don’t know your model number – try searching by appliance type, brand or part type.

When you click the “Search for Parts” button in the search box above, you’ll go to a page of parts for the Whirlpool Duet Sport washer. Go ahead and click the button, it’ll open in a new page so you can keep reading this one.

Now refine your search using the “Part Type” box on the left hand side. Click the “Circuit Board / Timer” option.

You’ll see a page of mostly CCUs for the various models Duet Sport washers. At this point, you’ll need your model number, this page will help you find it. Once you have your model number, just click the your model number in the top box on the left hand side labelled, oddly enough, “Model Number.” The next page you see will have the exact CCU for your particular model.

You could also enter an appliance part type. For example, if you enter “icemaker valve” in the parts search box, you’ll get pages of pictures of water inlet valves for every type of icemaker. Since you see a picture of each valve, you can usually find the one you need by simply looking at it.

Fisher-Paykel Washing Machine Parts

From: Bad Moose
Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson)


We have a Fisher & Paykel GWL10US washing machine. My wife just had a repair man out and he said that we need a new drain pump and its about $120 for installation because its more difficult than most washers. I looked on one parts site and they wanted $214 for a drain pump. I can’t find F&P on your parts site. The official F&P site only lists touch panels when I type in the washer model number.

Can you help me out with a parts source that is reasonable?

Thank you, Sir!

The above message was sent when you were offline, via your Timpani site.

Message sent from IP:

Call F-P: 1-800-863-5394. Tell them you’re unable to find any competent repair service for your washer and they’ll ship you the pump directly.

And this is one of the easiest washers to work on, especially changing the pump. Tip the machine forward on its belly, unclip a wire harness from the pump and then unclip the pump, bayonette style, lefty-loosey. Take you all of seven minutes, even on a bad day.

Your Online Jenn Air Stove Cartridge Store

In stock and ready to ship; 30-day money-back guarantee; 100% safe and secure ordering; next-day delivery available. Click it to git it.

Jenn Air Cartridge - Conventional Coil, Stainless Steel Jenn Air Cartridge – Conventional Coil, Stainless Steel (Manufacturer’s Number A100) – Designer Collection. Stainless steel.

Jenn Air Cartridge - Conventional Coil, Black (Manufacturer's Number A100B) - Designer Collection. Black.Jenn Air Cartridge – Conventional Coil, Black (Manufacturer’s Number A100B) – Designer Collection. Black.

Jenn Air Griddle - Electric (Manufacturer's Number A302) - Electric Designer Line. Griddle for electric range or cooktop.Jenn Air Griddle – Electric (Manufacturer’s Number A302) – Electric Designer Line. Griddle for electric range or cooktop.

Jenn-Air Griddle for Gas Range - Designer Line (Manufacturer's Number AG302) - Jenn-Air Designer Line griddle for gas range. (Manufacturer Number AG302) Jenn-Air Griddle for Gas Range – Designer Line (Manufacturer’s Number AG302) – Jenn-Air Designer Line griddle for gas range. (Manufacturer Number AG302)

Jenn Air Cartridge - Gas Two-Burner Module (Manufacturer's Number AG202MG) - Porcelain-on-cast-iron burner grates. White with matte gray grates.Jenn Air Cartridge – Gas Two-Burner Module (Manufacturer’s Number AG202MG) – Porcelain-on-cast-iron burner grates. White with matte gray grates.

Jenn Air Cartridge - Radiant Element (Manufacturer's Number AR141B) - Expressions Collection. Black.Jenn Air Cartridge – Radiant Element (Manufacturer’s Number AR141B) – Expressions Collection. Black.

Jenn Air Cartridge - Radiant Element (Manufacturer's Number A122W) - Smooth top stove cartridge, white trim. Designer Line. WhiteJenn Air Cartridge – Radiant Element (Manufacturer’s Number A122W) – Smooth top stove cartridge, white trim. Designer Line. White

Jenn Air Cartridge - Radiant Element (Manufacturer's Number A122B) - Stove cartridge assembly, smooth top, black. Designer Line.Jenn Air Cartridge – Radiant Element (Manufacturer’s Number A122B) – Stove cartridge assembly, smooth top, black. Designer Line.

Jenn Air Cartridge - Energy Saver Electric Grill Assembly (Manufacturer's Number A158) - Designer Line. Excalibur nonstick grill grate finish. 2800-watt grill element. For cooktop or range.Jenn Air Cartridge – Energy Saver Electric Grill Assembly (Manufacturer’s Number A158) – Designer Line. Excalibur nonstick grill grate finish. 2800-watt grill element. For cooktop or range.

Jenn Air Grill Cover (Manufacturer's Number A341) - Electric Designer Line. Black.Jenn Air Grill Cover (Manufacturer’s Number A341) – Electric Designer Line. Black.

RepairClinic Earns the Coveted Intergalactic Samurai-Approved Certification

Intergalactic Samurai-Approved Certification, 2006 -- click for larger viewAs long-time readers of these hallowed electrons know, Samurai Appliance Repair Man awards the widely-acclaimed Intergalactic Samurai-Approved Certification (ISAC) each year to an outstanding bidness in the appliance repair field. I am pleased to announce that has earned the coveted ISAC for 2006.

Recently, I flew the Samurai Learjet to Detroit and visited the good folks at, the biggest (and best) online appliance parts store. When I landed at Detroit Metro, I was pleased to see that the limousine was already there waiting for me.

Inspection of RepairClinic Facility and Staff-- click for larger viewAt their brand-new, modern, 72,000 square-foot facility in Canton, MI, the Repairclinic machine hums away, day and night, taking orders and shipping out parts all over the US (Canada coming soon! …maybe …hopefully )– a very impressive and high-tech operation. Here’s an aerial shot of the Samurai inspecting the RepairClinic facility and staff.

So, how did RepairClinic earn the coveted and cherished ISAC? Well, for starters, all orders are received, processed, and shipped right from their own facility in Canton, MI. This means you get your parts FAST. In fact, almost all orders are shipped the same day the order is received. All the other online parts stores use some other third party, unknown to you, for order fulfillment. In addition to increasing costs for you and delaying your shipment, these kinds of third-party arrangements also complicates things like returns. Speaking of returns…

If you click through any link on this website to get to RepairClinic, such as this one, and order parts, you can return that part, no matter what it is, for any reason, even electrical parts! Lemme run that last part by you again in case you missed it, Slick: …even electrical parts. This is unheard of in all the dark, murky underworld of home appliances. I dare you to find any other vendor with a similar policy. No, I DOUBLE dare you!

The Samurai, Larry Beach, and Chris Hall sharing a laugh-- click for larger view.But, of course, it wasn’t all work during my visit to RepairClinic; we made time for socializing and getting to know each other. For example, here’s a picture of me cracking up RepairClinic’s CEO, Larry Beach (right), and President, Chris Hall (left), with my really cool Darth Vader imitation. Good times, good times.

Congratulations to the RepairClinic Team!

Spiffy New Appliance Parts Lookup Tools

Finding those appliance parts you need just got a whole lot easier, Budrow. Now, you can find the part you need right here, right now using this spiffy new form:

choose appliance type, brand and enter the model number:

Go ahead, try it out with your own appliance brand and model number. You won’t break nothin’; in fact, you’ll quickly find that part you need to fix something!

Already have the part number and just need to order the ding-dang part taco-pronto? We-l-l-l, we gotcha covered there, too, Hoss. Check this bad boy out:

enter the manufacturer number:

Oh yeah, it’s slick and it’s quick. Take it for a test drive. Let’s suppose you need a new ignitor for your gas range and you happen to know the part number is 12400035 (this is the part number for the Maytag ignitor kit, which works great in most ovens, regardless of brand). Well, go ahead and enter in that part number, 12400035, above and, walla!, there it be, bigger n’ life. It works with any part number– I haven’t been able to stump it yet!

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be placing these spiffy new parts look-up tools into strategic spots throughout the website to make it so convenient to buy parts that hopefully we’ll increase parts sales here at

People often ask me, “Oh, thrice-blessed Samurai, how can you offer such an incredible website with all this free repair help?” The answer is simple: parts sales. The thing that made me realize I need to make parts ordering easier and more obvious is because lots of times I’ll be helping someone in online chat figger out what’s wrong with their appliance and they ax me, “Ok, do you know where I can buy the part?” Meanwhile, there’s a big ol’ “Buy Appliance Parts Here!” link staring ’em right in their eyes!

I never understood how people could use a reading-intensive medium like the internet and yet they don’t read. I dunno, too many words or something. Why can’t Johnny read? ‘Cuz Johnny went to gubmint schools. Y’see, I know I’m safe in saying that some of my users are functionally illiterate because I know that most of ’em won’t even bother reading this anyway. They’ve long ago skimmed on to the next purdy picture, or called me on the toll-free hotline to find the answer that was right in front of ’em on the very page they had open in their browser… but didn’t bother reading it. One day, websites will all be equipped with Peter Jennings talking heads and then we won’t have to be bothered reading a bunch o’ gobbledy-gook no mo’.

Come git me, Mother, I’m through.