Back At It

Back At It

Back from my trip to Waco. Good trip, bad flight, same old story. But I’m back, re-oriented and re-focused. I’ll be starting back up the service side of my bidness but doing commercial appliance gasket replacement. It’s a very mundane sounding but highly specialized and profitable niche bidness.

All my residential appliance repair work will be done exclusively through this website. Commercial appliance repair work pays more and has a higher profit margin than residential work. The thing you always run up against in residential work is “How much is a new one?” The economics of an in-home appliance repair business is that it usually costs more just to get your trained technician butt into someone’s home than they’re usually willing to pay to have their appliance repaired. That’s usually not an option in the commercial world where everything needs to be fixed yesterday. This allows the service company to charge a fair rate for expert on-site repairs.

So, my efforts over the next several weeks will be in setting up my shop for commercial gasket fabrication. The gasket welder and stock are being shipped from Waco. I should be selling my first gasket replacement job well before the end of the year. Wish me luck!


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