Off to Waco

Off to Waco

Well, friends, I’m flying down to the sprawling metropolis of Waco, Texas, Saturday morning for a big Mr. Appliance meeting. I’ll learn the subtle art of commercial refrigeration door gasket fabrication and replacement. Also, Whirlpool factory reps will be there to teach us repair procedures on the Calypso washer and the Duet washer and dryers. I’ll be back Thursday night, all brainified on commercial refrigeration gaskets and the latest Whirlpool equipment.

Although I haven’t posted all week, I’ve been busy behind the scenes with all sorts of web projects. By far the biggest project was helping my good friend, Hodji, move his cafe from the Cool Stuff page on my website to his new home at his very own website. Stop by and say hello. Congratulations, Hodji!

After trying several blog commenting systems, I finally settled on the current one (if you don’t know what a blog is, check out for more info). All the other systems I tried were java-script-based–slick, but they made the homepage load too slow. So I went with the current non-java system–not as slick but it allows comments without dragging the system. Look for the little links at the bottom of each entry, on that says add comments and another that says read comments. Check it out, let’s hear from you!

Had to work out some bugs on the newly-installed Idya text-based advertising system. It’s Arnab’s brainchild and he was a great help in getting it going. It’s working great and I highly recommend it for your website.

Finally, Ezboard, the host of the Samurai School of Appliantology, installed a major upgrade to their system and, as you’d expect with any major upgrade, there where some wrinkles that had to be ironed out. It’s working well now and has some slick new features, too, like a built-in chat room, forum profile, active members list, and hottest topics list. Check it out!

I won’t be able to do live help or get on Yahoo Messenger at all while I’m down in Waco but I’ll still be able to answer questions in the forum each day and maybe even do some blog posts live from Waco! Ok, talk to you later.


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