Mailbag: Kenmore Dryer Door Latch

--- Julie Land wrote:
> I have a Kenmore dryer-it's brown so it's old. The
> problem I'm having is with the door latch. We've
> secured it with magnets to get it to keep running,
> but now that's not working either. I've price the
> part, but want to know if this is something I can
> replace without a lot of bother. Or should I just
> call in a repairman? Or can you walk me through it?
> I bet you can! Please let me know how complicated it
> is so I'll know whether to order the part. Right now
> I'm debating on buying a new dryer-the husband is
> dragging his feet on that one! Thanks for your
> prompt answer.-Julie
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dryer door latch, fits most models, click to orderYou must be kidding–you would seriously consider replacing a dryer that needs a $5 part!? The door latch literally snaps in place–no tools required. Buy it here and spare our over-crowded landfills your otherwise perfectly-fine dryer. Fits most models, too.


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